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Trax FM Blog December 2017

So 2017 ends as it never started. The nation is probably as divided as it has ever been. A general election in June in which mobilised the youth vote. The Brexit referendum, started by a politician, (David Cameron), then he resigned. Also the main "leave" campaigner Nigel Farage has now declared himself skint, and the political party he led, (UKIP), is now in ruins.

The opposition, The Labour Party, are not absolutely certain whether to leave and/or stay in the single market and remain in the customs union. The single market and to leave it is a left wing analogy as it stops cheap labour from coming to the UK and therefore allows jobs in the UK for UK citizens first on a decent minimum wage. This whole Brexit thing is reviving the arguments made in 1975,when Britain should or should not be part of the EU. Some good arguments where made by both sides on not to enter the EU. It’s funny how decisions made then come back to bite your arse. We think the whole Europe argument is a “political party killer”. However the electorate had a choice and that is that. One wonders with all that is at stake, could the Brexit decision be kicked into the political long grass?

Back to the music here on Trax FM. New DJ’s are coming in thick and fast. DJ Ricardo’s “Thank Funk It’s Tuesday” comes in January in 2018 as well as DJ Ivanhoe’s “Here Comes That Sound”. Both are fast and funky with disco…. don’t miss em!

Chas Summers Throwback show made a fantastic return with the featured artist, Joey Negro’s Sunburst Band. The demos from artists around the world are also flooding in. Who needs a slave labour recording contract and expensive studio time? Certainly not now with technology and social media. The quality of the demos we receive from budding musicians and rappers is truly breath taking. Keep em coming to:

Have a fantastic Christmas & a great new year

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