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Trax FM Blog July 2017

This month saw another great musical loss, Prodigy from the Hip Hop group Mobb Deep,

( Albert Johnson (November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017).

General Election 2017

Well...what was supposed to be a fore-gone conclusion turned into a historical political landscape in which has turned parliament it's head. Although the Conservative party won it did not gain a parliamentary majority. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party touched and engaged the youth vote. Theresa May then had to reach out to the Ulster Unionist party,the DUP in order to gain a majority to at least get some form of watered down bill's through parliament. It cost us £1 billion pounds  though,(per year). On top of that,our public services still have to suffer a continuing 7 year pay freeze. On top of that food banks grow and grow,(when did food banks become a thing?). Employment is down,but only because of zero hours contracts,so people in work are people in poverty. Regardless of your politics though,you now have two main parties with very different policies.Isn't that what it's all about?

Terrorists Attacks

The dates of the 22nd May,(Manchester Arena), 3rd June, (London Bridge), 19th June (Finsbury Park) saw the UK under attack from individuals who deserve no mention nor place on this earth. Those poor children and their families. They where just out having a nice time. Some say how do we stop this terror. The monsters objective is to hate everything about our society.Full stop. Radicalisation? Who radicalised the Finsbury Park attacker? No. Our society has never been more divided. There are those out there to divide us even more.

Grenfell Tower

The 14th June 2017 and the image of a tower block in West London in complete flames & inferno will never leave us. The families and children left behind to die...awful and heart wrenching. The local council's inability to support those families...even up to today pretty much sums up the failed austerity in the UK. The follow up and knee jerk reaction by other council's tower blocks was also scary. All tower blocks in the UK are dangerous. Fact. Cheap cladding,lack of local council Health & safety Departments - probably due to cuts. Cut,Cut,Cut.

Lets be clear...people living in poverty are people in danger. Should it be politicised? Well social housing IS politics. Do not be mistaken. They say that it could be months before victims are formerly recognised. What lessons to be learned? What price? Who is responsible. Could this take as long as the Hillsborough enquiry? So many questions.

Until Next good!

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