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Trax FM Blog March 2017

RIP Jonie Sledge, Chuck Berry, Robert (P Nut) Johnson…Very sad news……a huge loss to their Friends & families and the music world….

Whilst writing this blog, the terrible news of the London attacks where coming through. Trax FM’s thoughts and prayers to the 4 lost ones. Police officer Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran, & Leslie Rhodes where taken from us in a brutal and mindless attack. The 50 plus injured, (including French children), where also innocently attacked.

Now let’s be very clear here, the attackers should, and will not be named as Muslims. They where terrorists. No affiliation to any religion, just evil terrorists.

Are the attacks across the world a result of bad foreign policy? Yes-failed foreign policy by, (the then president of the United States), Barack Obama and the UK as well as the associated coalition. Now take all of that and bunch it up with the protest votes of Mr. Trump & Brexit. (…And yes, they where protest votes). We will end up with hate crime, and that is exactly what these evil monsters want.

Certain elements of the media constantly “pump” and “program” statistics of immigrants. The same message time and time again. The picture below was incrrectly reported by the main mainstream media. The young lady was actually a nurse calling in to forward the information to the local hospital.


They, (mainstream media), should pop in to the local schools and hospitals; most of the employed there are exactly that, immigrants working in much needed services. Services that are being starved of funding and a huge national debt caused by irresponsible banks. What better way to disguise this by blaming immigrants and couple that with invading countries and creating vacuums of power. What do you think will happen when you attack another country? That’s right, they attack back.

You can catch a much more informed debate every Wednesday From 7PM UK time with Judge Jim's Big Debate

A Couple of changes for Sundays on Trax FM from April. From 7PM UK Time it's DJ Raj and the UK Urban show,and from 9PM UK Time, Ritz's Good Groove Show starts


Let's hope for a more peaceful April 2017...carry on with your lives

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