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 Trax FM Blog - 27th September 2014


Welcome to Trax FM's first blog! Well! We started re-broadcasting mid-June 2014,and it seems we have hit the ground running! We have managed to "recruit" all the 80's boys and then some! We firstly got a non stop playlist whilst we recruited those presenters. The music is a mixture of Soul,Reggae,Hip Hop,House,live Debate,Bhangra,Electro,Garage,Retro Pop,Drum & Bass,Disco,Funk,Jazz,Jazz Funk...whatever!

Our old partner Martin Shaw was the very first presenter on Trax FM with the Soul Sessions. Every Tuesday at 8PM UK Time. When people say "earnt their stripes" Martin falls into that category. Plugging for massive dance labels in the 80's,(Streetsounds for example) .Naturally club dj'ing for someone with Martin's knowledge comes naturally ,as you will tell when you hear Martin Shaw's Soul Sessions!                                                         


Then of course we have the brilliant Shaun Gallagher with the Stax Of Trax show.  Shaun has done a sterling job for the last 5 years with the Campsoul festival. You can catch this years best bits via the Campsoul TV on the Trax FM website. Shaun plays a wonderful selection of classic Soul to Nu-Soul,with some wonderful Jazz & Jazz funk classics every Thursday from 8PM UK time.Shaun Gallagher's show was initially called "Across The Trax",but apparently another show was on the airwaves with the same name.....never mind!


Then of course the Wednesday boys came on! Firstly a show in which we attempted to champion in 1985,but political constraints,and the DTI busts forced the idea off the air. However,the internet,(and it's global opportunities), have made it possible to bring this show to the internet airwaves. Judge Jim's Big Debate from 6pm live . So far Judge Jim has covered off Guantamino Bay, ( even writing to the Whitehouse & getting a reply!). Also the Syria crisis, & the growing child abuse story,(in which Judge Jim told us "to look up...and keep looking up"),how right he was.The show was well ahead of the story weeks before the press. The show is totally interactive via chatroom,Skype,(thisistrax),email,and Twitter...join in the world's biggest internet conversation!


DJ Hugh Kaye has been with David RB since 2009 and the now defunct Classics 4 Life and New Funk Radio. Hugh plays a combination of Kraftwerk, Eurythmics,Thompson Twins, to Eric Prydz...brilliant stuff! Join DJ Hugh Kaye From 7PM UK Time Every Wednesday!

David..well David is..erm! Well! Who can say what the Badger RB will get up to! Soul,Hip Hop,Electro,Reggae,Chutney,House. Jazz Funk,Disco...who knows! Join David RB From 8PM UK Time Every Wednesday

JJ The DJ is probably the most talented presenter in terms of sheer comedy,Jingles,and the ability to make every genre of music exciting! JJ plays pop,rock,Disco..whatever...but boy! He is hilarious! Join JJ every Monday from 5PM UK time.

Shan and David RB go back from the 80's. Shan was/is an accomplished "beat boxer" and an amazing Graffiti artist. However it is the art of turntableism in which Shan comes into his own. A support DJ for bands in the mid-90's and coming up through the great school of turntablists in the late 80's,Shan is a massive addition to the dj line up here on Trax FM. Catch Shan 8:30 UK Time Every Friday Live. Replays Are Thursdays at 7PM UK Time Fridays. More importantly..a great champion for local Hip Hop talent.Get your demos in!

Chas Summers used to DJ at many live functions,(and still does via Bar Rumba & Strawberry Moons). We can vouch that for sheer entertainment Chas Summers can move any floor,(and now any internet radio show). David RB DJ'd with Chas in the 80's. Once Trax FM was back on air,Chas was the person David went looking for,(plus David likes to punch Chas!). Catch Chas's Throwback Show Every Sunday From 3PM UK Time. Chas concentrates on artists every show,from Earth Wind & Fire,Chic,Stevie Wonder....

DJ Allan worked with David & Martin on the great Soul City Grooves Radio. Allan gives us the hard task of specialising in a certain year or decade of dance music and a great mix too! We promise you,Allan has a habit of playing something that you have not heard in years,his knowledge of dance music over the years is legendary! Catch DJ Allan's Essential Selection From 5PM UK Time Every Sunday.

Alvin Stone,(named after the famous Fantastic Four's 1975 classic), is one of our most soul/disco knowledgeable presenter. Alvin,(and the Gucci Thang), has traveled the world over the years. We do suggest you catch his show on Sundays from 7PM UK time. It is not only funky..but an education. Also Alvin's unique presenting style is magnetic. Alvin & David,Hugh Kaye & Judge Jim worked together on the,(now defunct) New Funk Radio.

The Pacman was involved with Trax FM back in 1985,there fore he was always going to be with us. Pacman loves his music back then...and loves it now. Always part of North London,(as was all the Trax FM DJ's back then). We can safely say that Pacman is back to what he does best...playing music! Catch The Pacman on Mondays from 8:30 UK Time. We promise you...he plays new and old...and does it well!

We also welcome a wonderful house/Chill out DJ,DJ Israel Soul. DJ Israel is a massive favorite in Ibiza and KM5 Radio. DJ Israel is one of the Eden beach Club resident DJ's. Israel's sets reflect the "white Island" perfectly. Catch Israel from 5pm Tuesdays To Fridays......

Some new concepts are up & running here on Trax FM. There cannot be any DJ/presenter from the 80's that was not influenced by the Streetsounds Electro series. David spoke to Martin Shaw about the concept of playing each album on certain days in the week. Martin actually helped deliver some electro 12" singles to Herbie from Mastermind Roadshow,(to mix the actual album), when Martin worked for Streetsounds! Small world!

By the time this blog was written,two new presenters/DJ's joined the Trax FM line up. Max Mistry & Sunny B. Max was/is a DJ that was inspired by the likes of Colin Dale,so we will have more info on Max's debut show in the October blog. Sunny B is our resident drum & bass presenter. So much has happened since 1985 and we intend to catch up with it musically! Sunny B is the presenter/dj to do that with a music phenomenon that never went away since 1991...Drum & Bass!


We hope you enjoy your listening pleasure here on Trax FM. We are playing catch up on technology and still gasp when,rather then a listener from south London contacts us,it is now from Japan,Taiwan,Syria,USA,Mauritius,Germany,Sweden,Canada..the list leaves us breathless!


Now that the intros are over...we get into the REAL running of Trax FM.....


See You Next Month


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