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Trax FM Blog September 2015

Well! What a few hectic months it has been on here at Trax FM! New DJ's,new websites,new slogans! Phew! Firstly,the new DJ's here on Trax FM. On Mondays we have DJ Anzarack,( 6:30 UK Time). DJ Anazrack gives us a little something different. Exclusive,new dance and club exclusives. Trax FM do allow their presenters to thoroughly express themselves. It is not about individuals here on Trax FM. There is a show here for you,(or you may like a bit of everything...welcome to Trax FM!). DJ Hugh Kaye is a case in point. Hugh plays a weekly show here on Trax FM,(Wednesdays from 3pm UK time). Hugh jumps from House to Soul to Rock & Rap. Some songs/Rap are in German or another Global language.Superb!

Mr B & The Foot Tappers Show,(Mr B was in a jazz funk dance crew back in the day called the Foot Tappers if you are wondering!) every Thursday from 7PM UK time,brings us some delicious Jazz Funk,Jazz,Disco,Funk...fantastic.Old venues such as Bogarts & Tudors are in Mr B's radar on his show!

On the same vein,Ritz & The Goodgroove Show on Saturdays at 11am UK time also gives you more musical munchies for your music pallet. Not only that,expect Ritz to drop the odd Japanese rarity too. Memories of the 100 Club,(the great soul.funk establishment in London in the late 70's/early 80's - DJ George Power), spring to mind on this show.

Sundays here on Trax FM are jam packed! From 11AM UK time it is DJ Littleman live..yes live...from Australia! Littleman is a superb enthusiastic DJ who genuinely loves his music. He is on a record at present as not playing the same record twice over his last series of shows...well done Jason!

Nest up on Sundays,(from 1PM UK time), it's DJ Shylo's Sunday Shakedown show. Now the 'norm" here could be to play the same old 80"s stuff,(nothing wrong in that). However DJ Shylo plays them but exclusively remixed.It is a fantastic show.Expect a sprinkling of some underground club exclusives too.

From 3PM UK time it is Paresh Kelly's Back 2 Basics show. Here is another show in which gives us a little something different. 90's R&B and beyond...all mixed up! The 90's for most of us,brought in R&B/Swing,and really gave the club scene an alternative to the then "superclubs". More and more Bars with dancefloors sprung up in the UK as a result. Great memories by Paresh on the Back 2 Basics show....Sundays will never be the same!

What a result! (no..not QPR getting 3 points). We mean the addition of Rendell! Rendell is back every Saturday from 8PM UK time. If fun and having a beverage or 3,add to it great,(not the norm funk and Disco...although if you ask him he might play some Abba!). Do try and catch Rendell...we's fun all the way!

When we received a demo off DJ Late Night Dancer,(we do receive a lot of demos), we where taken aback. The music was fantastic and quite deep and funky. Welcome to DJ Late Night Dancer and her "Filthy House Show",(Fridays from 7PM UK time and Saturdays from 6PM UK time).  You will really enjoy her shows,very similar to Israel Soul DJ,(Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5PM UK Time) and The Max Mistry Show,(Thursdays from 10PM - Thursdays). Hey! if you have what it takes...send in your demo to

All your regular favorites are still here,The Pacman,Glenn D,DJ Raj,DJ Hugh Kaye,Judge Jim,David RB,DJ Chris,Lloyd Higgins,Max Mistry,Shan,JJ The Deejay,Chas Summers,Alvin Stone...and that list is growing!

Speaking of Glenn D,(The Temple Of Hip Hop Show - Mondays from 10:30 UK time), we where/are very proud of Glenn featuring on Radio 1Xtra on the Charlie Sloth show...fantastic. Shan & Glenn really support new and old Rap/Hip Hop. There was a time in which this genre of music was pushed away in the early hours of the morning by the major stations...not here on Trax FM. If you are a new hip hop artist,please know that if the track is good...we will back you!

Speaking of new artists,Trax FM will be certainly supporting new talent.This month we are playing the new EP by Tai Malone,( "Moving On" EP). Also the new single by Yinka AKA Reason - "Get Up When I Fall". Fantastic stuff.You can here these two brilliant artists throughout the day here on Trax FM.

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