Trax FM! Wicked Music For Wicked People


                                                                      12 : 00 AM - Trax FM Non Stop

9:00 AM  - Sean Jay's Beats & Pieces Show Replay   

                                                           10:00AM – Chas Summers Throwback Show (Replay)

12PM - The Pacman Show (Replay)

2:00 PM - Dave Francis & The Jazz Funk & Soul Show

4PM - Music Mick's Mixvibez Show Live (In Conjunction With Rendell Radio)

6PM - Graham D'Silva's House & Dance Classics Show

                                   7PM  – The Relax With Rendell Show Live (In Conjunction With Rendell Radio)                                                                                              10PM  - Devastating Dave's Saturday Nite Klub Sessions

                          (In Conjunction With (In Conjunction With Rendell Radio - 1st Saturday Of The Month




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