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Trax FM Blog 2nd November 2014

Welcome Back To Our Regular Feature Here On Trax FM! We are The Original 103.3 Pirates!

DJ Hugh Kaye Does Some Different Stuff Every Week. This Can Range From R&B to World Hip Hop & Global House. Touched Up With Some Remixes We Have No Idea Where He Gets Them From!

Pacman slipped some great stuff thist month! From KLF to Hindi to Dynamix II. On one show was Trouble Funk & Brass Construction too. Oh Gosh!

Martin Shaw returned fresh off his holidays, (and pulled in some holiday friends who now listen to Trax FM), with some great soul/funk classics, and some well-known breakbeats too. Nice one Martay! Martin Followed up with some wonderful Streetwave records material. We have forgotten how groundbreaking Streetwave really where in the UK.Nice one Martay!

Chas Summers Throwback Show Featured Stevie Wonder To Heatwave, with some classics from Cherrelle to Jerome Prister. Great Bio’s too on the artists! Loved The Shalamar Show Too Chas!

Shan played some great sets too, and featured Deejay Random from The Steel Devils on one of his shows. Quality!

More To Come From Shan Too…Watch out!

DJ Allan featured some great dance years such as 1989 and 1990.Allan did not concentrate on the “norm” stuff either. Great mixes too from those eras. We particularly loved the disco show, with the threat of playing the Village People!

Judge Jim’s Big Debate, (on one show this month), our secret Skype link password was changed! Yes! Seriously! Such subjects Judge is covering off is bothering someone “up there”……

JJ The Deejay gets better & better! JJ has his own “spin” on Trax DJ’s! You have got to hear it to believe it! JJ’s Judge Jim & Badger Rap Is Fantastic! Wonder Who Is Next???

Sunny B’s “Old Skool Represents” continues to push the boundaries on Trax FM. Drum & Bass may be a minority style of music on the internet, however Sunny B obviously has a passion for D&B and his shows replicate his passion. Not to be missed! Sunny Had A Special Guest DJ, GREG DAMAGE On One Of His Shows…More To Come On Drum & Bass Guest DJ’s Via “Old Skool Represents….

Max Mistry’s “Mistry Music Show” indeed left us open mouthed with his first couple of shows. Progressive house is the order of the day here, and Max did not disappoint! The Shows Week After Week Get Better & Better!

We have a new DJ to the ranks of Trax FM, welcome Danny Jay with the “Analogue Anthems”. Danny,(obviously) uses lovely vinyl. Club classics and guest mixers on Danny’s show. Kicks off every Tuesday, (11th November)…Tuesdays from 10PM UK time.

Alvin Stone & The Gucci Thang With His Regular Dance & RnB Classics Is Not The Norm Show! We Promise You!


Christmas Is Fast Approaching Here On Trax FM!!! More On That Next Month!


Be Good!


Trax FM...The Original 103.3 Pirates!!!!



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