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Trax FM Blog April 2015

Happy April!

Well we have been busy here on Tax FM, what with new DJ's bringing in something new & different! Glenn D, the welcome return of Lloyd Higgins from the 23rd of April, DJ Chris too. More coming too from different parts of the world. Watch this space!

We were thinking about the funky 80's. The venues and house parties, the venues, (Henry 8th,Bogarts, Shaftsburys, Jaquiline’s, Samantha’s etc.). Where you there?

What where your favourite tunes back then? Email us them and will be more then happy to play them…back-to-back!

We know that any photos of yourselves back then may make you cringe! Hey! If David RB can put a picture of himself up, (from 1985…white socks & All!)…Anything is possible! Go on! Send em in to the above email address?


Mondays to Sundays here on Trax FM have now become packed with great music! From the Pacman with his mixture of Hindi to Hip Hop, Glen D’s Temple of Hip Hop alongside Shan’s UK Hip Hop, to the Soulful House sounds of DJ Chris, Dave Aura, Danny Jay & Lloyd Higgins.Max Mistry and not forgetting the daily dose of Israel Soul’s Soulkitchen from Ibiza. Throw in the funky sounds of Chas Summers & DJ Raj with Judge Jim’s Big Debate…it’s all happening here! A massive boost for us was the welcome return of JJ The Deejay! JJ has returned to Trax with his Twilight Twinkle Show every Friday night at 10PM UK time. Why we love JJ and his shows,well firstly they are very funny! Secondly his musical taste is not the norm. Here at Trax FM we do not operate musical snobbery nor do we tell our DJ's what to play. JJ reflects this with a mixture of Rock,Pop & Soul...and whatever! The same can be said for Alvin Stone & The Gucci Thang every Sunday From 7PM UK time. R&B Dance classics is Alvin's slogan.However expect to hear some rare Soul/ is an education.

Now start to get those photos out! Prizes for the best ones and don't forget...your top 10 from back in the day will be featured on Trax FM!




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