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Trax FM Blog April 2017

Cuba Gooding Senior

Another artist passed to the great concert in the sky this month gone. Cuba M. Gooding Sr. (April 27, 1944 – April 20, 2017) was an American singer and actor. He was the most successful lead singer of the soul group The Main Ingredient.

UK General Elections

The UK Prime Minister surprised everyone by announcing a "snap general election" this month gone. This is a minister that "insisted" a general election in 2020 only. The Brexit issue was never going to go away. In fact,regardless of your politics,the negotiation for Brexit will be like getting eggs out of a cake. Whatever deal it's a bad one. Still....individuals voted for you've got it...

Judge Jim's Big Debate will be broadcasting live on Election night, (8th June 2017) live. Let's see. Do we get a protest vote? (see Donald Trump), or a vote for what actually people want? Trax FM know the obvious answer...and The Big Debate has not been shy in saying so!

We have never seen certain sections of the media so anti Corbyn. Take note, large elements of the media here in the UK are owned by billionaires. Naturally a Labour government has promised to look at the highest earners in the UK,as well as tackling tax avoidance. So if your a billionaire not paying tax,you will not want a Labour administration. It's not  "Vote Corbyn"'s "vote Labour". The leader of the opposition was,(back in 2015), 200/1 to win the leadership of the Labour Party.Well...there he is...leader of the Labour Party.

We are not saying that you should take Labour’s words on its own policies as the gospel truth - it’s a political party, after all. We are not saying that they’ve laid a six-pack of golden eggs that will fix everything that’s wrong with this country. What we do think is that, whenever you hear someone on the news attacking Labour policy, you should stop and ask, ‘Who are you and why don’t you agree with Labour?’ More often than not at the moment, the answer you’ll get is, ‘I’m an extremely wealthy individual and I don’t want to see my wallet getting lighter.’

Trax FM will pin it's badge now. It's representing the many and not the few that works for us...

This Tuesday (2nd May) sees a new presenter on the ever growing Trax FM roster. DJ Adi B's "For Those Who Like To Groove". Funk,Soul, Boogie,Soulful House ,RnB. Every Tuesday from 8PM UK Time.

Music Mick's Mixvibez show is also bringing his Funk/Soul/Boogie delights,(with Rendell Radio) every Saturday From 4PM UK Time

Till Next Month...Be Good!

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