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Trax FM Blog April 2018

Hello Lovely Listeners!

Apologies for the late blog entry. Isn't life quick? New shows here on since we last spoke. Jon Boud's All The Rage, (our latest chat show), gives us a different insight in todays society. Look for subjects such as racism, nationalism, in-equality and more. Jo…

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Trax FM Blog December 2017

So 2017 ends as it never started. The nation is probably as divided as it has ever been. A general election in June in which mobilised the youth vote. The Brexit referendum, started by a politician, (David Cameron), then he resigned. Also the main "leave" campaigner Nigel Farage has now declare…

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Trax FM Blog July 2017

This month saw another great musical loss, Prodigy from the Hip Hop group Mobb Deep,

( Albert Johnson (November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017).

General Election 2017

Well...what was supposed to be a fore-gone conclusion turned into a historical political landscape in which has turned parliament it's…

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Trax FM Blog April 2017

Cuba Gooding Senior

Another artist passed to the great concert in the sky this month gone. Cuba M. Gooding Sr. (April 27, 1944 – April 20, 2017) was an American singer and actor. He was the most successful lead singer of the soul group The Main Ingredient.

UK General Elections

The UK Prime Min…

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Trax FM Blog March 2017

RIP Jonie Sledge, Chuck Berry, Robert (P Nut) Johnson…Very sad news……a huge loss to their Friends & families and the music world….

Whilst writing this blog, the terrible news of the London attacks where coming through. Trax FM’s thoughts and prayers to the 4 lost ones. Police officer Keith …

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Trax FM Blog February 2017

February 2017 brought more sad news we are afraid. Clyde Stubblefield, (some may say – “who?”). Clyde Stubblefield was the drummer for James Brown on cuts like “ Cold Sweat”, “I Got The Feelin”, “Say It Loud”, “Get Up Get Into It” & The Sex Machine album. However it was his rhyth…

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Trax FM Blog December 2016

Since Phyllis Hymans Suicide in 1995,it left fans bewildered. It now transpires that there will be a musical based on her life and reasons for her untimely death. Entitled Evening With Phyllis Hyman”, set to kick off in New York’s Actor’s Temple Theatre on January the 28th & 29th 2017.


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Trax FM Blog November 2016

September/October 2016 was a very sad time for the soul/funk dance scene. Two great artists of this genre, Kashif & Rod Temperton went to the great concert in the sky. The following involved Rod Temperton & Kashif:


BT Express                                                   …

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Trax FM Blog October 2015

Welcome To The latest Trax FM blog for October. Well, the nights are getting shorter and chilly. Not to worry. We will warm you up! Some new features this month on Trax FM. We noticed the abundance in new music, (whether it may be Soul, Funk, Hip Hop etc.) in the last 12 months or so worldwide.

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