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Trax FM Blog April 2018

Hello Lovely Listeners!

Apologies for the late blog entry. Isn't life quick? New shows here on since we last spoke. Jon Boud's All The Rage, (our latest chat show), gives us a different insight in todays society. Look for subjects such as racism, nationalism, in-equality and more. Jon is very angry! Catch Jon every Wednesday from 7PM UK Time. Judge Jim will be returning hold on to your butt cheeks.

Danny Jay returns live from Cardiff. Danny is a working club DJ, and for all those budding bedroom DJ's wishing to see how it's done,you need to listen to Danny Jay, live every Saturday morning from 12AM UK Time.

Docta Dee is also a welcome addition to Trax FM. The Docta's Soulful Surgery, (live from 7PM every Tuesday), is also live on Facebook. A wonderful mixture of soul/funk/boogie in the mix...and plenty of banter too. Don't miss it.

Ricky K is also now on Trax FM every Sunday from 11AM/10PM New Zealand time. Why New Zealand time we hear you ask? That's because young Ricky is broadcasting live from New Zealand, (like our very own DJ Littleman is from Australia - just before Ricky's show from 9AM UK Time/6:30PM Australia time). Ricky's show is filled with dance classics and boogie.

Steve Vimto's Eclectic Sessions every Thursday from 5PM UK time is a must listen. Yes you get the RnB, yes you get the dance classics, but listen out for the odd, not the norm too. Vimto's show can range from RnB to Indie.It's that different.

What's been happening out there in the real world we hear you ask? Well, the mainstream media is full on attempting to discredit a credible political opposition of late here in the UK. First he was a spy, then a terrorist, then a racist who knows what next!

Who would imagine that the billionaire owned mainstream media's attacks on a political party would back fire and actually increase the political party's membership they are attacking,& actually increase public sympathy towards that party? Makes you wonder why doesn't it? Who stands to gain? Perhaps the opposition's election manifesto, in which looks to get the UK's top 100 earners to actually pay their taxes? God forbid!

The UK is about to enter local elections and it does not look good for traditionally safe seats like Westminister,Barnet,Wandsworth. The opinion polls are showing the public want a change,and despite all the attack on the opposition by the billionaires, those seats are going to be red. In fact it looks like most of London. Perhaps the party in power needs a war.Hang on? That is exactly what is being proposed. Syria may be bombed without any parliamentary vote. Shades of Iraq?

We think UK MP's should note that they work for us. Sometimes a political party in power is so out of touch, (austerity here in the UK has not worked). Homelessness is on the rise, nurses using food banks, a working wage in which is below the poverty line. Public services on it's knees. A party in power in which votes against free school meals for children in poverty. That meal may very well be the only meal that child has for the day. Well, it is with that arrogance that we believe the electorate will punish them.

Pretty much what they did last June, and the electorate are coming back again. Politics needs a radical re-think here in the UK. If it does not or we do not have the sensible debate, you end up on the other side of the scale (yep! A Mr Orange man!).

We recently saw this article in the "from the streets, we are the voice of youth" Evening Standard


Let's be clear here. The Hip Hop  culture/movement actually has more positives then the wonderful Standard actually "proclaims". Yes, Hip Hop,(for a time) was based on "showmanship". Whether that be lyrics,dance,graffiti,or music. Yes, it took a more social point of view in the mid to early 90's,( and justifiably too). To be honest the multi million pound industry,(yes corporations) funded the expensive bling bling rap videos and concerts in the 90's and beyond. That said the current violence in London is a social issue,not a music one. It's an issue of under funding,austerity, working for a below pay average, living closer and closer to the poverty line. It's social services in which is on it's knees due to costs and cuts. It's not Hip Hop's fault, it's a political one. It's the "millennials" version of what we had to put up with with Reagonomics/Thatcherism

Till next time you crazy kids!

Trax FM Gang




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